10 Disgusting Things only Parents Do

OMG…my gut hurts from laughing and I can definitely raise my hand as having done many of these things….I won’t admit to snot sucking though and since no one saw me, you can’t prove a thing! LOLOL

Coffee Chaos and Giggles


When you become a parent, you start doing some pretty disgusting things. Things that you never would have done prior to becoming a parent.


It’s not bad enough that you have to wipe poop off this little human butt for 2 or 3 years, but now you’re adding in all of these other disgusting things to your daily routine.

I think parents will agree that when you become a parent for the first time, it’s as though we suddenly have super powers. These super powers somehow enable us to not pass out when being hit with projectile vomit or scream when we get poop on us during a diaper blow-out.

Without gagging.

Yeah right.. I still gag, and my son is almost two.

Here are 10 disgusting things only parents do:

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